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About the Lifeguards
Rancho San Miguel lifeguards are trained and certified, and have been carefully selected based on their expressed and proven commitment to Rancho San Miguel. They participate in regular meetings to be apprised and updated on member feedback and concerns, changes or issues affecting swim pool use. RSM lifeguards are professional, diligent and responsible in terms of safety and precautionary matters. They are positive and respectful, holding their job responsibilities as the number one priority.

Rest Break
The gate keeping guard welcomes you upon your arrival. Guards call a rest period for both pools at 10 minutes before the hour (or 15 minutes before, if a gatekeeper-only is the second person on duty). They reopen the pools promptly at the top of the hour. Two guards will oversee the pool when 35 or so swimmers are in the water (depending on swimmer ages). We ask you to understand that the guards may not carry on lengthy conversations with members (or staff) while either working in the gate office or at the poolside.

We value your involvement as a member, and consider your eyes and ears important enhancements to the safety at our pool. If you have an issue that requires lifeguard attention but that is not an immediate safety issue, please contact the guard in the gate office. If an issue requires the poolside guard’s attention, please let him or her know immediately of your concern. If you have any praise or concerns about the staff or their conduct, please do not hesitate to contact the Lifeguard Coordinator.

How to Become a Lifeguard
If you are interested in life guarding, please fill out an application. Lifeguard training and classes are available through Walnut Creek and neighboring Park and Recreation departments, and the Red Cross.

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