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Safety & Rules

It is each member’s responsibility to be familiar with and follow all club rules.

A certified lifeguard and gatekeeper will be on duty at all times that the pool is open. The guards are the authority. There should not be unnecessary conversations with the guards or gatekeepers. Questions or problems should be addressed to a Board Member.

Member's Responsibilities: Members will not be allowed to use the facilities after June 30th if they have not paid their dues in full by that date. Member adults are responsible for their children and guest(s), and are required to familiarize them with the Club rules. A housekeeper or full-time babysitter housekeeper or sitter may use the facilities without charge only when accompanying the member’s children.

Sign-In: All members and their guest(s) must sign in at the gate upon entering the Club. Only Paid Members whose names are in the Membership Roster will be admitted to the Club. Guest Fee’s are $5.00 per guest per day and must be paid at the gate upon arrival. No IOU’s.

Children Under 12: A member child, under the age of 12, must be accompanied by a member parent when attending the pool club. A member child, who is 8 years of age, may attend the pool without parent if the child has passed an annual proficiency test administered by a lifeguard. The test includes general knowledge of the pool rules and a test of swimming skill. Swimmers without a parent who fail to follow pool policies, or who disrupt members or staff will be warned and then asked to leave. A parent will be called for notification.

Guests: All guest members must be signed in at the gate by a member in good standing. A guest must be accompanied by a member 18 years or older. If you bring a guest into the pool, you are required to remain at the pool with your guest. Drop-offs are not permitted. Guest fees are $5.00 per guest per day. This must be paid at the gate upon arrival. IOUs are not permitted. Guest Passes are $50.00 for 10 visits or 10 guests. There are no refunds for unused guest passes and guest passes expire at the end of the season.

Food & Drink: Food and drink are restricted to the lawn and picnic tables areas. NO GLASS containers and NO GUM permitted in Club area.

No Smoking: There is no smoking at any time on Club premises.

Rest Period: The lifeguard will announce a rest period of ten minutes every hour on the hour. During rest period there will be “adult only” swimming; all swimmers under the age of 16 must clear the pool.

Swim Attire: Only proper swim attire may be worn while swimming. No shorts or cutoffs are allowed in the pool.

Music: Music is permitted at a low volume.

Pets: No pets are allowed on Club premises.

Diving: Diving is only permitted in the deep end of the pool. Only one person at a time is permitted on the diving board. Diving off the side of the diving board or hanging underneath is not permitted. The diver may not enter the water until the area below is cleared. No back flips at any time.

Diapers: No disposable diapers are allowed in either pool.

Non-Swimming Children: Must be supervised by a parent or responsible party at all times. It is not permissible for the same person to supervise non-swimming children in both pools at the same time.

Wading Pool: The wading pool is NOT supervised by the lifeguards and is restricted to children ages 6 years or younger. Parents must supervise their children when they are in the wading pool.

Flotation Devices: For safety reasons, NO FLOTATION DEVICES are permitted, including air mattresses, inner tubes, jackets, inflatable children’s flotation items, and swimsuits with built-in flotation tubes. The ONLY EXCEPTION is WATER WINGS; which may be used by children ONLY if the parent or responsible supervising party is IN THE WATER with the child.

Water Toys & Equipment: These are allowed if permitted by the lifeguard on duty. Masks, fins, snorkels and water noodles may be used with the lifeguard’s permission.

No Running: There is no running on Club premises. No pushing, dunking, or throwing of people in the pool.

Pool Deck & Safety: No rolling transportation allowed on pool deck ever, including but not limited to bicycles, rollerblades, roller skates, scooters, and razors.

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